Wix Stores: Tracking Sales Using Your Thank You Page URL

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Your customers are directed to a Thank You page after making a purchase on your site. This means you can use Thank You page visits to track sales or create a customer list using an external tool such as Google Analytics Goals or Facebook Custom Audiences.

Accessing Your Thank You Page URL

The URL for your site's Thank You page is made of your domain name followed by: /thank-you-page
So, for example, if your site URL is:

your Thank You page URL is:

Tracking Sales Using Your Thank You Page

Start by creating a rule to track Thank You Page visits using an external tool. Then, enter this part of the Thank You Page URL: /thank-you-page
See the examples below:
Facebook Custom Audience:
Google Analytics Goals:
If you have a conversion pixel, click here to learn how to add it to your site.

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