Time Picker Settings

Set up your Time Picker using the options below:
Field Title
(Optional) Click in the Field Title field to add text. It is recommended to keep field titles, as they help visitors understand what each field is for.
Select a time format
  • 12H: Time is displayed using a 12-hour format with AM and PM. Example: 4:30 PM.
  • 24H: Time is displayed using a 24-hour format. Example: 16:30.
Choose an input option
  • Text only: Enter the time in text format.
  • Stepper: Increase or decrease the time by clicking the arrows.
  • Dropdown: Select a time from a dropdown list.
If the user is using a mobile device, the time picker will appear the same as standard time pickers native to the mobile device’s operating system.
Show initial text
Select the default text displayed in the time picker.
  • Nothing: The time picker starts off empty.
  • Placeholder text: The time picker displays a hint to the user of what to enter. The hint disappears as soon as the user starts typing. Enter the text in the Placeholder text section below. Note that this option is only available for dropdown time pickers.
  • Current time: The time picker starts off displaying the current time.
  • Specific time: The time picker starts off displaying a specific time that you choose. Enter the time in the Set specific time section below.
Placeholder text
Enter placeholder text, such as "Choose a time". This section appears if you select the Placeholder text option in Show text on load.
Set specific time
Enter default time to display. This section appears if you select the Specific time option in Show text on load.
Time increments (minutes)
Use the slider or type a number on the right to select the number of minutes between available times in a stepper or dropdown time picker. 
If you set a specific time in the Show initial text section, your time increment begins at that time. For example, if you set the specific time to 14.45 and the time increment to 30 minutes, then your first time increment begins at 14.45, your second begins at 15.15, and so on.
Available Hours:
Add time ranges that your visitors can select from.
Unavailable Hours:
Add time ranges that are not available to your visitors.
This field is:
  • Required: Users must enter a value in the time picker before submitting.
  • Read only: The text in the time picker cannot be changed by the user. You could use a read-only field to display content from your collection, for example. The user is still able to select the field's value for copying.

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