Third-Party Apps: Media and Content Apps

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Wix offers a variety of media and content apps in the Wix App Market. These apps are all expertly built by third-party app developers and are designed to help you with displaying media and adding content to your site. 
A screenshot showing a variety of apps available in the App Market.

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Benefits of adding a third-party app to your site

Third-party apps are professional solutions designed to help enhance your site. Media and content apps provide professional solutions to improve your visitors' experiences and add valuable functionalities to your site.

Music and video

Add some flair to your site by adding some background music or a music player like Spotify or Soundcloud to showcase personal projects. You can also add video players to your site to engage your site visitors. 

PDF and file sharing

Some third-party apps focus on simplifying your document process by offering help with PDFs and file sharing.

Content services

Strengthen your content services by offering content in multiple languages, or enlist AI to suggest content for your site. 


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