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Wix offers a variety of third-party e-commerce apps focused on optimizing how you sell online. These apps are all expertly built by third-party app developers and are designed to help enhance your sales process and overall customer experience.
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Benefits of adding a third-party app to e-commerce sites

Third-party apps are professional solutions designed to help enhance your site. They can be helpful when it comes to managing a store and optimizing your sales process in the following ways.

Shipping and delivery

Automate your shipping and delivery process by adding apps that provide an all in one solution for your shipping and delivery. These apps can help you with everything from shipping rates and labels to parcel tracking and returns. 


Dropshipping is great if you are looking to sell products on your store that are outsourced from other businesses. You can display and sell items on your storefront and have the dropshipping company ship it for you. 

Sell buttons

Sell buttons are a popular choice for displaying the payment providers you connect with on your store. By adding sell buttons you can allow customers to have a seamless payment experience. 

Coupons and loyalty

Offering incentives to your customers is a great way to boost sales. You can add apps that reward loyalty with coupons or points. Some apps even automate the process of creating coupons for you.

Third-party apps integrated with Wix

We understand the importance of some of these professional solutions, which is why we've hand-picked some apps to integrate with Wix. This means that the app has been designed or modified to work seamlessly within the Wix platform. 
Visit our help center to find more information on various app integrations. 


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