Third-Party App: Melhor Envio by Melhor Envio

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With the Melhor Envio app, you can simplify the process of quoting and purchasing freight with various carriers, including Correios (Brazilian postal service). Access real-time shipping rates and competitive prices without the need for individual contracts with each transport company.

This app is only available in Brazil.
To use this app on your site, you need to add Wix Stores.

Features and benefits include:

  • Multiple shipping options. 
  • Real-time shipping rates. 
  • Shipping label printing.
  • Simplfied shipment management. 
  • Integrated Tracking.
Check out the Melhor Envio app by Melhor Envio to get started. 
Learn how to integrate your site with Melhor Envio (In Portuguese)
For questions and comments, contact Melhor Envio directly:

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