Thin White Line Appears Across Images on iPhone (Includes Workaround)

Known Issue|Caused by an external app or service.
We are aware that in rare cases thin gaps may appear across images and backgrounds on mobile live site. It may look similar to this:
We're are currently gathering more information regarding this matter.
So far, we discovered that this impacts only Safari versions 16 and above on mobile browsers, and this is a rendering issue on Apple's end. A bug report has been opened to the Safari development team, and we are waiting for a solution.
In the meantime, you may try the following steps, that helped resolve the issue for some users:
1. Go to your mobile Editor.
2. Hide all components within the site header.
3. Un-hide them again.
4. If necessary, adjust the header layout back to your preferred design.
5. Publish the site.
Should the above steps not help in resolving the problem on your site, please reach out to our Customer Care team, and we will try to find an alternative solution.
Click I'm experiencing this issue and we'll make sure to keep you updated as we work to resolve this issue.