Social Video Settings

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  • Enter the video's web address, or click Search Videos to find and select your video.
  • Click the Autoplays on loading toggle to enable or disable autoplay:
    • Enabled: The video plays automatically when the page loads.
    • Disabled: The video should be played manually by your site visitor.
      Note: Videos might not play automatically on iPhones, Androids and tablets. Click here to learn more.
  • Click the Play in a loop toggle to enable or disable video looping. 
    • Enabled: The video plays on repeat.
    • Disabled: The video plays once.
  • Select an option under When are controls shown?:
    • On hover: The controls are shown when your site visitor hovers over the video.
    • Never: The controls are hidden all the time. Your site visitor cannot control the video.
  • Not all social players display all of the settings above. 
  • Autoplay may not work in some situations depending on the device, browser settings, and user preferences, which are not controlled by Wix.

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