Site Reported For Malware

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Malware is software designed to infect your computer without your knowledge. It is often used to steal personal information, send junk email (spam) or spread more malware.
All Wix sites are malware free. However, by adding unapproved code when using the HTML app or Velo by Wix, you may unintentionally add a code that contains malware. Your site may also be reported for malware depending on the content of the site. For example, your site may be reported for malware if it contains adult content.  
If you have added any code using the HTML app or Velo by Wix, please review the code to ensure that it comes from a trusted source.
If we detect that your site has malicious code, your site will be taken down immediately.
Once you've removed the code, or if you feel that your site was reported in error, you can submit a request to be removed from the list of malware sites here.

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