Single Video Player: Adding a Video from Twitch

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Add a single Twitch video to your site using the Single Video Player. This sleek and easy-to-use player allows you to customize the playback options, and add a description of the video. 

To add a video from Twitch:

  1. Click Add  on the left side of your Editor.
  2. Click Video and Music.
  3. Click Single Video Player
  4. Click the Video Upload option or drag to position it on the page. 
  5. Click Change Video
  6. Select Twitch.
  7. Paste the video URL in the field What's the video's web address?
  8. Customize the playback options:
    • Autoplays: Click the Autoplays toggle to enable or disable it:
      • Enabled: The video autoplays on mute. Visitors can turn the sound on manually.  
      • Disabled: The video does not play automatically. 
    • Play on loop: Click the Play on loop toggle to enable or disable it:
      • Enabled: The video plays on loop. 
      • Disabled: The video plays just once. 
  9. Scroll down, and enter a description of the video in the field What's this video about?

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