Retrieving Data From Third Party Apps

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You can review your Third Party Apps and request your data at any time. Please note that Wix does not store this information in our databases and is not responsible for actions or policies of any Third Party App.  
To retrieve your data from an App, please contact the App developer directly. You can find the relevant contact information by searching for the App here. To view a list of all your Third Party Apps currently installed on your site, click here.
To view a list of all Third Party Apps ever installed on any of your sites, you must submit a request to retrieve an archive of your data. In the archive, you'll receive a file with a list of all your Apps, along with the contact information for each one. Click here to retrieve your data.

Here's an example of what the file containing your Apps may look like:

The columns in the file contain the following information:

By: The name of the company that created the App.
Name: The name of the App.
InstanceID and appDefinition: Technical identification that you might need to provide to the App owner.
SupportMail: The email address where you can contact the App.
SupportURL: The website where you can contact the App.
SupportPhone: The phone number of the App developer.
Site Name: The site on which the app is installed.

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