Requesting the Details of a Wix User

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User privacy is very important to us. Wix is not at liberty to provide personal information about our users, including email addresses, IP addresses etc.
Having said this, as is a public company, we are always willing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and share information after receiving a court order or subpoena.
If you are a member of a police department or government agency and are investigating an ongoing case, you may contact us at any time. Our policy is to comply as best as we can with any ongoing police investigations. We usually provide the information, in hard copy, to the address mentioned in the court order.
If you are not a law enforcement officer and would like to have a site removed or obtain personally identifying information about a Wix user, you must obtain a court order, which we honor.
We ask that all court orders or subpoenas be sent to
For any additional questions regarding this matter, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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