Removing Details from an Existing Google Merchant Account

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If you set up a Google Merchant account in the past, you'll need to remove the website currently connected to it, including all product feeds, before you can set up an account through Wix.
This is the case even if your previous account is connected to the same Wix site and store products that you want to connect now. 
This process temporarily impacts the flow of traffic to your website from Google Shopping.

To remove a website and feed from an account:

  1. Log in to your Google Merchant account.
  2. Click the Settings icon  in the top bar. 
  3. Select Business Information.
  4. Click the Website tab at the top.
  5. Delete the website address and click Continue.
    Tip: If you are unable to click Continue, enter a random URL such as and then click Continue.
  6. Click the Back Arrow icon  at the top left.
  7. Click the Products tab and select Feeds.
  8. Click the Delete icon  next to any product feeds. 

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