Pricing Plans: Editing the Text in Your Pricing Plans Page

You can edit the default header, button and ribbon text in the Pricing Plans app to suit your business and brand. 
To edit plan names, descriptions, or benefits, go to the Pricing Plans tab and select the plan you want to edit.

To edit the pricing plan text:

  1. Click the Pricing Plans page in the Editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Text tab on the left.
  4. Edit the following text:
    • Page Header: The title that appears above the plans.
    • Button: The button clients click to select a plan.
    • Button (with Free Trial): The button clients click to select a recurring membership plan that has a free trial.
    • Ribbon: The "Best Value" ribbon on the highlighted plan (if a plan is highlighted).
It is not possible to edit button text separately for different plans.

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