How Members Join Your Site on the Wix Member Apps

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Invite your site members and community to download one of the Wix member apps (Spaces by Wix, Fit by Wix, Dine by Wix or Branded App by Wix), whichever is relevant to your business. By joining your site on a member app, they can get the best mobile experience when interacting with your business. 
In this article, learn more about:

How members receive your invite code

When you send your invite code to your members, it includes a link to download the relevant member app along with the code to join.
If you need to find the invite code:
Tap Site & App  at the bottom of the Wix Owner app. The invite code is displayed next to Invite Code.

How members use your invite code

Once your members receive the link or invite code, they can follow the steos below to join your site on your member app. 

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