Google Workspace: Renaming a Workspace User

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Before you begin:
You must upgrade your site to a Premium or Studio site plans and purchase a personalized Google Workspace business email.
Rename your user on Google Workspace to keep your business content up to date, reflect employee changeover or change the name of a business email (e.g., change to
  • The Workspace user account will not lose any data due to these changes.
  • The user's current address will become an alias to ensure email delivery.
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Renaming a Workspace user via your Wix account

Change the first name, last name, and email username of any user within your Wix account (i.e. 'nathan' in

To rename a user via your Wix account:

Before you begin:
Sign out of your Workspace account to change your display name or username.
  1. Go to Business Email in your Wix account.
  2. Click the Show More  icon next to the relevant user
  3. Select Rename your user.
  4. Fill in the details you want to change - first name, last name, or email username.
  5. Click Rename your user.

Changing the username and/or display name in Google Workspace

Change the email username and/or the display name (first and last name) of any of the Google Workspace users in your Google Workspace Admin console. 

To change the username and/or display name of a user in Google Workspace:

  1. Go to Business Email in your Wix account.
  2. Click the Show More  icon.
  3. Click Manage at Google.
  4. Sign in to your Google Workspace account: 
    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Enter the password.
    4. Click Sign In.
  5. Click Users.
  6. Click Renameto the right of the relevant user.
  7. Edit the user details.
  8. Click Rename user.


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