Google Search Console: 5xx Error

The error code 5xx is a general response from the server that something has gone wrong. The problem could have happened when the server requested resources, or it could be an issue with outdated or corrupted cache and cookies. 
If you see this error, you can test the relevant page's URL in Google's URL Inspection Tool. If there are no errors, go back to Google Search Console and click Validate Fix next to the error. 
If the error continues to be displayed in Google Search Console, it is possible that there is an ongoing issue on Wix's end. Contact Wix Customer Care to let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
URLs that include "tags" relate to hashtags for blog posts on your site. These pages are not indexed by default and it is normal for them to appear in this report. These errors will not affect your site's search ranking and no action is required. 

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