Google Search Console: 404 Error

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A 404 error message means that a resource (webpage) no longer exists.
If you see a 404 error for a specific URL in your Google Search Console account, it is because the URL is redirecting to a page that no longer exists. This may occur if the page was deleted, or the page URL was changed.
Once a URL generates a 404 error, it is simply a matter of time before Google removes it from its index. Once Google recrawls your Wix site and updates its database, the errors no longer appear in your Google Search Console account. In the meantime, you can mark these errors as 'fixed'.
If you receive a 404 error message for a URL:
  • Check if the page is supposed to be working. If you changed a page URL or deleted a page then the page will not work and you will get a 404. To fix this, you can set up a 301 redirect.
  • If the page is supposed to be working, please contact us for help and tell us the exact URL.

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