Gift Card Payment Confirmation

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  • The old "Gift Card app" has been retired from the Wix App Market. If you already have the app, we will continue to support it.  
  • To learn how to add and set up gift cards, click here.
After visitors purchase gift cards using the Gift Card app, they see a confirmation message with the option to print the gift card.
In addition, three emails are sent out:
  • Email to customer: An email is sent to the buyer with the details of the purchase and an image of the card, which the buyer can print or forward by email. Tell your customers to check the spam folder if the email does not arrive.
    This email is sent from [your email] via and has the subject line: Congratulations! You just purchased a gift card
  • Emails to you:
    1. An email is sent to you (the site owner) containing information about the purchase, including the coupon code and "valid until" date. We advise you to keep this email so that when someone uses the gift card, you can verify the details.  
      The email is sent from and has the subject line: Someone just purchased a gift card from your website!
    2. A second email is sent which also included information about the purchase and contains a copy of the gift card. 
      The email is sent from and has the subject line: Copy of Gift Card ####-####  
Both you and the buyer can view details of the transaction in your PayPal accounts.
Gift Card App was designed for use in physical stores - not online stores. As such, it cannot be used for purchases through Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels and other online platforms.

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