Facebook Ads: Choosing the Events You Want Facebook to Track

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Due to the release of iOS14, Facebook created a new way of managing data called Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement. Tracking on Facebook is now limited to 8 conversion events. Facebook pre-assigns these 8 events based on data from your recent campaign spend, but you can edit the event configurations from the Events Manager. 
Learn more about Apple's iOS14 release and how it affects your Facebook Ads campaign.

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Events in Wix that are trackable by Facebook

An event is an action that happens on your site that Facebook is able to track and Wix can attribute to your campaign. Some examples of events include:
  • A customer adds an item to their shopping cart (for online stores)
  • A customer starts the checkout process
  • A customer makes a booking or purchase on your site
  • A customer adds their payment details for a product or service
After Facebook's new Aggregated Event Measurement policy, you must choose 8 events for Facebook to track depending on what's most important to your business. You choose these from the Facebook Events Manager. The below table shows all the possible events in Wix that are trackable. Use this table as a reference when selecting your 8 events. 
If you do not select 8 tracking events, Facebook will automatically choose them for you.

Choosing and Configuring Your Events

From your Facebook Events Manager, rank the top 8 events that Facebook should track. Ranking events helps Facebook prioritize what data to collect on your site once someone interacts with your ad. We recommend choosing events in the following order:
  1. Purchase
  2. Initiate Checkout
  3. Add to Cart
  4. View Content

To choose and configure your events:

Watch the video tutorial or follow the written instructions below to choose your 8 events:

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