Wix Video: Errors when Uploading from Wix Video to YouTube

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Check out this list of solutions if you come across any snags when uploading videos from Wix Video to YouTube. 
  • To learn more about YouTube's general uploading policies, click here.
  • Your video can be as large as 15 minutes long or 128 GB, whichever limit you hit first. If you want to be able to upload larger videos, you'll need to verify your YouTube account. To learn more, click here
Here's a list of error messages you might encounter when uploading to YouTube from Wix Video and what you can do.
Error Message:What you can do:
The upload failed because you uploaded too many videos in a short time.
Come back and upload the rest of your videos later.
The category you chose can't be used on YouTube.
Only select a category that appears in the drop-down menu.
Before you can upload a video, you need to create a YouTube Channel.
To learn how to create a channel, click here.
Video title is too long, or contains special characters.
The maximum title length is 100 characters. Some, but not all special characters are supported.
To change the video thumbnail, go to YouTube and verify your account.
To learn how to verify your account, click here.

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