Error Message: That URL's Unavailable

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Each page on your site has its own unique URL. The URL is based on your site's domain and has a unique name for the page at the end of it (known as a URL slug). An example URL of this type is: "".
It's not possible to use some URL slugs for your pages. This is because they're used by Wix apps or reserved for SEO. 
If you tried to edit your page's URL and received the following error, it is most likely because you're trying to change to one of these slugs.

URL slugs to avoid

Some examples of URL slugs you should avoid for your pages are:
  • apps
  • _api
  • robots.txt
  • sitemap.xml
  • feed.xml
  • sites
  • events (when using the Wix Events app)
If you try to use these URL slugs , you'll see an error that the URL's unavailable. Try adding a different URL slug, then publish your page. 

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