Editor X: Copying the Design of One Element to Another

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Build your site more efficiently by copying the design attributes from one element to another, rather than redefining them one by one.
Choose to copy the element's design from just one breakpoint, or the element's design on each of the breakpoints.

To copy the design of one element to another:

  1. Right-click the element you want to copy in the Editor.
  2. Hover over Copy Element Design.
  3. Click an option:
    • From this breakpoint: Copy the design of the element and paste it to another element. For example, you can copy the design of a black button, and apply it to any button on any breakpoint or page, to make the button black. Any design changes you make to an element will cascade down to smaller breakpoints as it usually does.
    • From all breakpoints: Copy the design of the element as it appears on each breakpoint. For example, on the desktop breakpoint, you might have a black button, and copying the design will make another button black. However, the same button might be green on the mobile breakpoint, so the button you are changing will turn green rather than black on mobile. 
  4. Click the element you want to copy the design to.
    Tip: Hold down Shift to copy to multiple elements.
  • You can only copy the design between the same type of elements, i.e., buttons to buttons, text to text.
  • The design attributes do not include the size or position of elements.
  • Press Esc at any time to exit the copy design feature.
You can also click the More Actions icon on the element to copy the design.

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