Editor X: Adding the Restaurants Orders App

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Take and manage online orders directly from Editor X with the Restaurants Orders app. You can add pickup and delivery options for customers to choose from, get notifications for incoming orders and design the Online Ordering page so it really suits the restaurant's look and feel. 
In this article, learn how the make the most out of the Restaurants Orders app:

Adding Pickup and Delivery Options

As you set up the Restaurants Orders app, you can choose which fulfillment options your customers should see when placing an order:
Located in the US?
You can also use DoorDash to fulfill your online orders.
Order settings is on for pickup, delivery, contactless dine and advanced settings

Setting Up Additional Restaurant Locations

The Restaurants Orders app lets you create multiple menus for your restaurant. For example, you can have a dinner menu, lunch menu and dessert menu – all with different sections, dishes and/or prices.

Customizing Your Menu

The menu your customers see on the Online Ordering page is made up of sections and dishes. The default menu comes with two sections, but you can add as many as you need to best showcase your dishes (e.g., Starters, Main Courses, etc.) 
Give every dish on your menu a name and a description so customers know what they're ordering. You can even label dishes to help diners identify key information about them (e.g., Vegan, Gluten Free, etc.)
At any time, you can re-order your items, sections or menus to help your diners find what they're looking for.  
You can create multiple menus to display on this page. For example, show separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Designing the Online Ordering Page

Personalize the Online Ordering page so it matches your restaurant's brand. Choose the page's fonts and colors, decide which info to display about every dish and customize the design of your dish labels.
This page has built-in responsive features, so it's already designed to look ideal on every screen size. Click your site's breakpoints to see how the layout automatically adjusts to the viewport.

Managing and Fulfilling Your Orders

The Restaurants Orders app allows you to manage incoming orders directly from your site's dashboard. The My Orders area is divided to three tabs according to status, so you can easily understand which orders need to be fulfilled.   
When a new order comes in, you hear a sound and see a red alert in the My Orders tab. You can then choose how to proceed – accept the order or reject it if you're unable to fulfill it. 
Our system also allows you to automatically print incoming orders, using a network / WiFi ready printer.

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