Editor X: Adding a Drop-Down to a Menu

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Make your menu look more tidy and organized using drop-down submenus. You can make any menu item the title of your submenu, or create a submenu with a non-clickable title. When visitors hover over the title, the submenu opens in a drop-down.
A GIF showing how the drop-down submenu looks on a live site.

To create a drop-down submenu:

  1. Click your menu in Editor X.
  2. Click Manage Menu.
  3. Depending on whether the submenu title should be clickable or not, follow the steps:
A GIF showing how to move a menu item to a submenu using drag and drop
Moving a subitem to the main menu:
Hover over the subitem and click the More Actions icon . Then, click Move out of Submenu so it appears in the main menu.

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