Displaying Content from Multiple Database Collections Using Datasets

When you have related information stored in more than one collection, you can filter one dataset by a second dataset. This allows you to use one dataset to control the content displayed by the second dataset.
To filter by dataset you need two collections, where each collection has a field that contains the same information as the other. For example, you might have a book collection with an author field and an author collection also with an author field, plus other fields with additional author information.

To create a filter by dataset:

  1. Add and set up a dataset if you don't already have a page that has a dataset connected to a collection. This is the main dataset for your filter.
  2. Add a second dataset to the page and connect it to the second collection. 
  3. Select the second dataset.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Click + Add Filter.
  6. Select the field that contains the same information in both collections.
  7. Add a condition from the dropdown menu. 
  8. Click the arrow next to Value and choose Dataset.
  9. Select your main dataset.
  10. Select the field in the main dataset that contains the same information.
  11. Click + Add Filter.
  12. Important: Don't forget to add elements to your page and connect them to the datasets to display the information on your site. 
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