Displaying a Different Variant (e.g. Color) of an Item in the Amazon App

The Amazon app by Wix, lets you display products from Amazon on your site. You can use the search bar that comes with the app to build a directory of products (e.g. a water bottle that's available in 6 different colors). This can be done by selecting the product on Amazon, in the required color, copying the product URL (or ASIN), and pasting it into the Manage Items search bar within the app.
You need to copy and paste the URLs (or ASINs) individually. 
A screenshot showing two variants of the same product.

To display a different variant of an item:

  1. Open the item page on Amazon.
  2. Select the variant (e.g. color) that you want to display.
  3. Copy the page URL (you can also copy the ASIN from the URL).
  4. Click the Amazon app in your Editor. 
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Add Items.
  7. Click Add Items
  8. Select the relevant country from the drop-down. 
  9. Paste the URL or ASIN in the Manage Items search bar. 
A screenshot showing the Manage Items search bar in the Amazon app
  1. Click Search
  2. Click the checkbox next to the item. 
  3. Click Save

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