Digital Services Act: Notice on Content Moderation and User Numbers

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The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to create a safer digital space where the fundamental rights of users are protected. These are values that Wix shares. At Wix, we are committed to providing a secure and welcoming platform for our users. content guidelines are comprised of 3 fundamental pillars:
  • Wix is a powerful tool that allows anyone the freedom to create, express themselves and publish the most diverse content through the internet.
  • At Wix, making sure that our employees, Users, and Users of Users feel safe is our first priority. 
  • Users should be treated equally under our policies.
As part of this commitment, we engage in both proactive and reactive content moderation measures to ensure that content on our platform adheres to our policies and guidelines.

Proactive measures

Based on the "Good Samaritan" provision outlined in the DSA, Wix undertake voluntary investigations aiming to identify and act against illegal content. We do this by applying a combination of automated tools and human review to proactively moderate content on our platform. 
Our automated tools are designed to make our best efforts in trying to identify specific illegal activities, such as:
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM): Once identified, our team of trained moderators reviews and, if necessary, takes action on suspicious content. 
  • Phishers and Fraudster Behaviour: Based on specific patterns, we strive to identify accounts that have the primary purpose of conducting any form of web forgery. This includes publishing malicious websites or tricking visitors into giving up sensitive information such as passwords, account details, or credit card numbers.

Reactive measures

In addition, Wix employs the following reactive measures:
  • Communication channels: Wix offers channels allowing both individuals and law enforcement agencies to report content that allegedly violates the law, and/or our terms and policies. 
  • Moderation: We provide ongoing training and support to ensure that our moderators have the necessary skills and knowledge to moderate content effectively.

How to contact us

If you are an individual and find any content in our services that you believe to be illegal or to violate our terms and policies, please report potential abuse.
If you are representing a public law enforcement agency, you can send your requests to the email address:

Number of European users under the Digital Services Act for

The Digital Services Act requires that Wix publishes information on the average monthly active recipients of our service.
Over the six month period between July 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024, had approximately 1 million average monthly recipients of our service in the European Union. 

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