Declined Wix Payments Transactions Due to Suspected Fraud

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Wix Payments is not yet available to all users.
When you accept a credit card payment, there is a chance that the card (or card information) was stolen and is now being used for fraud.
Wix Payments applies different models and tools to detect, prevent and / or stop fraudulent transactions. These measures help to avoid potential losses for your business. 
Despite these anti-fraud measures, there is no guarantee that all fraud will be detected. We recommend reviewing our best practices on how to protect yourself from fraud and mitigate the risk to your business.
If a payment is declined for suspected fraud, no further steps are needed from your end. However, if you believe this payment to be legitimate, you can ask your customer to try making the payment again. 
If the issue persists for the same customer, contact Wix Customer Care while mentioning the Transaction ID, amount and date. 

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