Customizing Order Confirmation Emails

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Wix Stores sends a confirmation email whenever a customer purchases something from your store. The text of the email varies according to the details of the sale: 
  • Does the sale include digital products, physical products, or both?
  • Was the order paid online or with the manual (offline) payment method?
  • Is the order set to be shipped or picked up?
You can edit the email text, but the new text appears for all variations of the email. This means you need to make sure the new text is general enough to fit every variation of the email. 

Sample Customization: Stores with Delivery & Pickup

If your store offers both delivery and pick-up, the following versions of the subtitle are sent out:
If you change the subtitle, it should cover both options. For example:
Our team will email you as soon as your items have been shipped or are ready for pickup.

Sample Customization: Stores with Physical & Digital Products

If your store sells both physical and digital products, the following versions of the subtitle are sent out:
These stores should use text that covers both situations. For example:
We'll let you know once your items have shipped. Digital links are valid for 30 days.  

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