Creating Tax Groups with Avalara

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Create a custom tax group for any types of items that aren't taxed at the default rate. After setup, Avalara will make sure you collect the correct tax rate for this group in all your tax locations.
In this article, learn how to:

Creating a tax group

Avalara identifies what types of items you have in your tax group by the code you assign to it. 

After giving your tax group a name, you can select one of the more popular tax codes that appear at the top of the list (tax exempt product, digital art, etc.) or click More Tax Codes and search for the specific code you need. 

Assigning products to a tax group

Now that you've created the custom tax group, you can add relevant items to the group. For example, if you created a tax group for car seats, add all the car seats you sell to that group. 

To add items to a tax group:

Choose the items you want to add to a tax group:


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