Creating and Displaying Event Categories

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Using event categories, you can display any group of events on any page.
For example, you can create separate pages for jazz, blues, and folk events, but also pages for different venues. The same jazz event can be displayed on your jazz page and also on your downtown location page. 
To set this up, just create categories for each music genre and each venue and connect the relevant events to each one.

To create and display an event category:

  1. Click +New Category.
  2. Enter a category name and click Save.
    Note: This name doesn't appear on your site. You use it to select a category to display.
  3. Click +Connect Events.
  4. Select the events you want to add to the category or click the checkbox at the top to select all events.
    Tip: You can adjust the filters at the top right to view more events.
  1. Click Confirm.
  2. Go to the site page in the Editor to which you want to add this category.
  3. Add an event list to the page:
    1. Click Add  on the left side of the Editor.  
    2. Click Events.
    3. Drag any of the Wix Events displays on to the page. 
  4. Click the Display Events tab.
  5. Select Multiple Events.
    Note: Editor X users can skip this step.
  6.  Select an option from the drop-down:
    • Upcoming and Past: All events, including past events, are displayed.
    • Upcoming Events: All future events are displayed. 
    • Past Events: All past events are displayed
  7. Select a category from the Which category will be shown? drop-down.

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