Create Tax Groups Using the Manual Tax Method

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  • Tax groups are available with Wix Stores and Wix Restaurant Orders (New).
  • Tax groups are not currently available with Wix Bookings.
To create a tax group, simply enter a name and click Add. Once you're done, you can enter a rate in each of your locations and add items to the tax group.
Screenshot of popup window that appears after you click Add Custom Group. Here you can enter a group name and click Add
In this article, learn how to:

Entering a tax rate in each location

Now that you have your tax group, you can assign it a rate in each of your tax locations.
For example, if you need to collect tax in England and Scotland, but only England has a special rate for your tax group, you'll enter the special rate in England and the regular rate in Scotland.
Alternatively, if England and Scotland both have different special tax rates, you can add the tax group to England and assign the relevant rate (e.g. 5%). Then, select Scotland, add the tax group there, and add the relevant tax rate (e.g. 8%).
When you create a new tax group, it's added to each location and given a default rate of 0%. Make sure you enter the appropriate rate for each location.

To enter rates for tax groups:

  1. Go to Tax in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select a location.
  3. Enter the tax rate for the group you created (e.g. Car Seats).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select every other location and enter a rate for this group.
    Note: If you don't enter a rate, the items in the tax group are taxed at 0%.
After setup, you may see something like the example image below. The default tax rate in this location is set at 10%. In addition, there's a tax group for car seats at a tax rate of 5%. 
Example of the list of tax rates someone might see in a location. Includes Products, Shipping  and the car seat tax group

Assigning items to a tax group

Now that your tax groups are set up, you can assign items to your groups. For example, if you created a tax group for children's clothing, add all the relevant children's clothing products you sell to that group. 

To add items to a tax group:

Choose the items you want to add to a tax group:

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