Connecting a Subdomain to an External Resource

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Connecting a subdomain to an external resource allows you to seamlessly integrate other platforms, like a blog, into your Wix website. Doing so expands your site's functionality and gives your visitors a more comprehensive online experience. 
For example, you could create a subdomain for an externally hosted blog at if your main domain, is connected to your Wix site. This means when your visitors click on your blog link, they'll be redirected to your blog without leaving your website.
Restrictions for setting up a subdomain:
  • If your main domain is connected to Wix via pointing, these directions do not apply. Contact your domain host to create your subdomain with them, as they host the DNS records. 
  • You cannot connect a subdomain in your Wix account if the main domain is in a different Wix account. You must create the subdomain in the same Wix account as the main domain.

To connect a subdomain to an external resource:

  1. Contact the host of the external resource/site (e.g., WordPress) and ask for the DNS records required to point to the resource/site.
  2. Go to Domains page in your Wix account.
    Note: If you have multiple domains in your account, scroll to the main domain of the subdomain you're connecting (e.g., for connecting
  3. Click the More Options icon  on the right and select Manage DNS Records.
  1. Add the DNS records (e.g., A or CNAME records) you received from your resource/site host:
    1. Click + Add Record under the relevant A (Host) or CNAME (Aliases) section.
    2. Click Got it in the pop-up message.
    3. Edit the Host Name field with the name of your subdomain (e.g. 'blog'). Edit the Value field for each record you need to add.
      Note: Leave the Host Name field blank if instructed to add an @ sign in it. 
    4. Click Save, then click Save Changes in the pop-up message.
    5. Repeat step 4 for each DNS record you need to add. 
It may take up to 48 hours for your subdomain to propagate. Learn More 
Connecting a subdomain to your Wix site?

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