CMS Request: Controlling the Display of Images Connected to Collections in the Wix Editor

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Currently, in the Wix Editor, editing of images connected to a collection is limited. It is not possible to adjust how the image displays inside its frame. 
For example, if the placeholder image is square (has a ratio of 1:1 width/height), but the images in the collection are rectangular, the image will be cut off at the sides or "forced" into the given space.
It is possible to control this display using the image settings panel in Editor X.
In Editor X, every image has a bounding box that acts like a responsive container. You can set how your image displays inside its bounding box using the Display mode drop-down. This is not available in the Wix Editor.
A screenshot showing the display mode options in the image settings panel in Editor X.
We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is hugely appreciated.