Automatically Redirect Your Visitors Based on their Browser Language

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Choose if you want to automatically show visitors your site according to their browser language.
For example, if you have translated your site into Spanish, and a visitor has their browser language in Spanish, then your site would automatically load on the Spanish version of your site (rather than them having to change it to Spanish in the Language Menu of your site). If you have not translated your site into Spanish, then they would land on the default version of your site and they can manually select the language they want from your Language Menu.
  • This feature is only available if you have at least one active secondary language in Wix Multilingual.
  • You need to have added the relevant language in Wix Multilingual for it to display. If you do not have your site translated into their browser language, they will see your default language version.
  • Redirection based on visitors perceived language can prevent users and search engines from viewing all the versions of your site

Select the checkbox:
  • Checked: The site is automatically displayed in the visitor's browser language.
  • Unchecked: The site is displayed in your main language.

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