Wix Marketplace: Adding Projects to Your Marketplace Profile

1 min read
Add sites you've created to display them in your Wix Marketplace profile as Featured Projects. You can add up to 20 free or Premium Wix sites to showcase your best work and grab your clients' attention. 
A screenshot of your Wix Marketplace profile.
Check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide for tips on highlighting your skills and expertise.

To add a project to your Wix Marketplace profile:

  1. Go to your Wix Marketplace profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Portfolio projects section and click + Add Project
A screenshot of clicking Add Project to add your projects to your Wix Marketplace profile.
  1. Select the relevant site and click Next
  2. Enter the Site name, Description and URL in the relevant fields. 
  3. Click the Cover Image to replace it. Then, select the image you want to use and click Open
  4. Click Add Project
  5. Click Save Changes at the top of the page. 
You can edit and reorder projects by hovering over them and selecting the relevant icon. 
View your profile in the Wix Marketplace:
Click View My Profile at the top of the page to view your profile as it appears in the Wix Marketplace. Your profile displays how many projects you've completed in the Wix Marketplace.