Adding Labels to Contacts in Your Contact List

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Labels allow you to categorize contacts into different groups based on their relationship with you and your business. For example, some contacts may be customers whereas others may be service providers. You can use labels to filter your Contact List, send email marketing campaigns to multiple contacts at once and more.

To add a label to a contact:

  1. Go to your Contact List.
  2. Select the relevant contact.
  3. In the contact card, click Add Label.
  1. Select an existing label or click + Create Label to add a new one.
Click Apply.
Contacts also have one of the following subscription statuses: Subscriber not set, subscribed, unsubscribed. These are not labels. 
Adding labels to multiple contacts?
Select multiple contacts in your Contact List and click Labels at the top right to label them all at once.
Also, you can automate the process of adding a label by creating a new automation and choosing "Add a label" as your automation's action.

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