Add FAQ Buttons to Your Chatbox

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Add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to your chatbox to help visitors instantly find answers to their questions even if you're not online. Create up to five FAQ buttons or, if you've added Wix FAQ to your site, add your existing FAQs to Wix Chat as well.

To add FAQ buttons to your chatbox:

  1. Click Get Started.
  2. Click the Show FAQs in site's chat toggle to enable it.
  3. (Optional) Click the Intro message checkbox and add a message to explain how the FAQ buttons work to site visitors e.g. "Click a question to instantly get an answer".
  4. Click + Add a Question.
  5. Choose what you want to do:
6.  Click Save.  
7.  (Optional) Click the More Actions icon to remove a question or edit it.
Your selected FAQs now appear in the chatbox. Preview your site to see the FAQs live.
Questions and answers in FAQ buttons display as plain text. Even if you've customized your FAQ app in the Editor, the question still appears as plain text in Wix Chat.

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