About Wix Blocks (Beta)

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This product was a limited beta (2018) and will soon be outdated. See our updated help articles to learn more about the redesigned upcoming Wix Blocks workspace.

Introduction to Widgets

As a creator of websites, you often group the same elements together to use as web components. Wix Blocks lets you group those elements into a widget with custom behavior, element interactions, and settings, with or without Velo by Wix.  Build it once and then reuse it.
When you use a widget it’s highly customizable, just like any Wix Editor component. The original, master widget remains unchanged until you're ready to update it.
For example: if you frequently design similar headers with custom Velo interactions, company name, address, and logo,  Blocks lets you create this header once as a widget, and import it into as many sites as you want. On the site, this header can contain a common set of settings, be customized to match the site design, and updated if you make changes to the master copy.

About Apps

An app is a collection of one or more related widgets that you package, install, and update together. For example, a weather app could include these widgets that can each be used as a web component:​
Everything that makes your app work in a website is provided by Wix. You don’t have to manage servers, databases, or media hosting. Create your app and its widgets in Blocks, add the functionality using Velo, and import it to as many sites as you want. 

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