About Content Published by Your Site Members and Visitors

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As a site owner, you are responsible for the content and comments available on your site.
When using applications that allow visitors to add content such as Wix Forum, Wix Blog, Wix Video, or third-party applications, you allow your site visitors to post and publish content on your site. Therefore, all of the information posted by your visitors and members also becomes your site content.
It's important that you're aware of the content published on your site, and that the content is compliant both with Wix’s Terms of Use, and also with the laws and regulations of your country.
In the event Wix receives a valid court order, or law enforcement notice justifying a site's removal, we reserve our right to act upon it. This may mean immediately removing such a website, with or without notice prior to the removal.
To learn more about user content and prohibited uses, please see Section 2 of our Terms of Use.

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