Workflows: Creating a New Workflow

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Get a visual overview of your projects and business leads using Workflows. You can use one of our ready-made templates or create your own flow for any process you need to keep track of. Then, set up automations to manage your workflows more efficiently.  
You can have a maximum of 30 workflows per site. If you reach this limit and would like to create new workflows, you can delete existing workflows.

Using a Workflow Template

Save time by using templates that meet the requirements of your line of business. The templates provide structured steps to help you keep track of every part of your workflow. If necessary, you can always customize the template according to your specific needs.  
What's next?
From here, you can do the following to adjust the template:
  • Rename or delete steps that aren't necessary.
  • Change the order of your steps: Hold the Reorder icon to drag and drop columns to the correct location. 

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