Wix Restaurants: Customizing Your Reservation Settings

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As of October 2022, we have a new app for table reservations. Learn how to add and set up the new Wix Table Reservations app.
Wix Restaurants offers extensive reservation settings so you can guarantee that the way customers book tables aligns with your business. Set a minimum and maximum party size, availability hours, and choose from more advanced options like instantly printing incoming reservations and sending an SMS verification to customers.

To customize your reservation settings:

  1. Go to the Reservations in your site dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings icon  at the top right.
  3. Enable or disable the Reservations are: toggle to choose whether customers can make reservations online.
    Note: When disabled, the reservations app still appears in your Editor but is not visible on your live site for customers.
  4. Click General to fill in preferences on party size, grace period and availability.
5.  Click Confirmation to choose if reservations are accepted automatically or manually.
  • Pending Confirmation: You manually confirm each reservation and customers see a message that their reservation is pending.
  • Instant Confirmation: Customers receive an automatic confirmation of their reservation request.
6.  Click Notifications to customize how you receive notifications about incoming reservations.
7.  Click Advanced to add policy documents and custom fields.

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