Wix Marketplace: Setting Your Availability to Receive Project Requests

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Are you planning to take a break from work? As a Partner in the Wix Marketplace, it's important to set your availability to avoid receiving project requests or leads when you're unavailable. Failure to respond to requests within 3 days may affect your ranking in the Wix Marketplace. So make sure to adjust your availability before going on vacation or taking a break.

To change your availability:

  1. Click Partner Dashboard at the top of your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Wix Marketplace on the left.
  3. Click the Availability toggle  to enable or disable it:
    • Enabled: Clients can find your profile in the Wix Marketplace to send you project requests, and Wix can send you leads.
    • Disabled: Your profile is hidden from the Wix Marketplace, and you cannot receive project requests from clients or leads from Wix. 
A screenshot of Wix Marketplace Overview tab and turn on your availability.
Learn more about your Wix Marketplace Overview tab. 

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