Wix Events: Setting a Ticket Limit per Order

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Limit the number of tickets that guests can purchase in a single order. 
Guests who try to purchase more than the maximum number of tickets you set receive a message explaining how many tickets per order they can buy. 
Before you begin:
First create and save the event. Then, create and save at least one type of ticket for the event. 

To set a ticket limit per order for an event:

  1. Go to the Events tab in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click to select the relevant event.
  3. Click the Tickets tab.

  4. Click Edit next to Ticket Settings

  5. Enter a ticket limit per order under Ticket Limit.
    Note: The maximum number of tickets per order you can set is 50.
  6. Click Save.
As soon as a guest selects a ticket and starts the checkout process, that ticket can't be purchased by other guests. After 20 minutes, if checkout isn't completed, the ticket is available again. 

If this happens with the last available ticket(s), an event's status might change from available, to sold out, and back to available again. 

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