Request: Adding Form Submission Time to Wix Automations

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Currently when setting up an automation with Wix Forms or forms made with input elements, it is not possible to use a form's submission time in the action. Setting 'submission time' would allow you to add a timestamp for different actions, based on the exact time a form was submitted.
As a workaround, you can add form submission time using Velo by Wix, a platform used for building customized web applications. See the workaround below.
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To add form submission time in Velo:

When working with forms in Velo, you can create a variable that equals new Date ( ), and write an onClick event handler for the submit button that defines the hidden fields value to equal the new Date ( ) variable. For example:
1$w.onReady(function () {
2    $w("#wixForm").onWixFormSubmit((event) => {
3        let time = new Date();
4        $w('#hiddenField').value = time.toString();
5    });
Make sure you add a text field ('short text' in Wix Forms settings) and set that field to 'hidden' in the developer console. Adding a date/time field will not work for this solution.

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