Editor X: Grouping Elements within a Container

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Looking for a responsive way to group multiple elements after placing them on the page? Add a transparent flex container around them so they always stay in place, on any screen size. The container is fully customizable so you can make it meet your exact needs. 
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What's the difference between this container and a stack?
Both are transparent flex boxes added around your elements. Stacking is great for elements arranged in a vertical order, while this container works well for elements in any order

Grouping elements within a container

You can add a responsive container to group multiple elements on your page. 
  • Select 2 or more elements, then click Place in Container
Don't see this button?
Right-click the selected elements and click Place in Container. You can press Alt + C (Option + C on Mac) on your keyboard to do this quickly.

Customizing the container

By default, the container that's added around your elements is transparent. You can change its background color to match your style, adjust the border and corners, and add a shadow. 
Your elements are automatically docked to the edges of the container, but you can customize the size, position and docking of the container and each individual element.

To customize the container:

  1. Select the new container created around your elements.
  2. Click the Inspector icon  at the top right of Editor X.
  3. (In the Inspector) Customize the container using the available options in the Layout   and Design tabs.

Removing the container

Changed your mind about the container? You can always remove it without disrupting the page's design – and all the elements will stay in place.
  • Right-click on your container and click Remove Container. You can also press Alt + Shift + C on your keyboard, or (Option + Shift + C on Mac). 

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