Choosing the Events You Want Facebook to Track

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Before you begin:
Your domain must be verified on Facebook before you can choose which 8 events you want Facebook to track. Learn how
Due to the release of iOS14 in February 2021, tracking events in Facebook is now limited to 8 conversion events. Facebook initially pre-assigns these 8 events based on data from your recent campaign spend, but you can edit the event configurations from the Events Manager. To edit the events follow these instructions from Facebook.

Events in Wix that are trackable by Facebook

The following table shows all the possible events in Wix that are trackable by Facebook. When you verify your domain on Facebook, you will be asked to select the 8 events you want to track. Use this table as a reference. The events you can track are marked 'x'.
If you do not select 8 tracking events, Facebook will automatically choose them for you.
  • The "WixOrderPlaced" event always fires when a customer places an order.
  • The "Purchase" event fires when a payment processor reports on a successful transaction. There may occasionally be a delay with a processor’s response. In these cases, the "Purchase" event will not fire.

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