About the Wix Audio Player

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The Wix Audio Player is a stylish and simple music element that allows you to add a single track to a page on your website. 

Adding the Wix Audio Player

Add the Wix Audio Player from the Add panel in your Editor.

Adding a Track to Your Player

You can either upload a track to your player, or enter the URL of an MP3 track. 

Setting up Your Player

From Settings you can choose how your player behaves. Select a cover image, add the track details and define the playback setting.

Designing Your Player

Customize every aspect of the player, including the colors, border and fonts. You can customize the regular view and the hover view of the player.

Customizing Your Player on Your Mobile Site

Customize how your player looks on your mobile site. You can change the layout and size of the player, or hide it completely.

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