Wix Podcast Player: Starting a Podcast

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The Wix Podcast Player is intended for podcasters who want to import existing content onto their site. If you don't have a podcast yet, read this article to learn more about how podcasts work and how to get started.

What is a podcast?

The term podcast refers to a series of audio or video episodes that are hosted on a platform like Soundcloud or Libsyn. These platforms maintain your podcast's RSS feed - a file containing all of the information about your podcast. This file automatically updates as you add new content.
Connect your RSS feed and the Wix Podcast Player will generate both a Podcast Overview with all of your content and a unique page for each of your episodes. Plus, new pages will be created automatically as you add new episodes to your hosting platform -  no need to hassle with multiple uploads.

Getting Started

There are lots of choices when it comes to hosting your podcast: Soundcloud is popular for discoverability and Anchor offers helpful editing tools for your audio. Gather your ideas, start recording and have fun with it!
Click here to learn how to add the Wix Podcast Player to your site. 

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