About Wix Podcast

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The Wix Podcast Player lets you stream podcasts directly from your site. By connecting your site up with your host site using an RSS feed link you can stream as much as you want! 

Showcase Your Podcasts

Let your Wix website be the home of your podcast! Adding the Wix Podcast Player to your site gives you the opportunity to easily connect podcast host to your site with a link to an RSS feed and to 
stream all of your podcast episodes in one place. 

Create Custom Episodes and Feed Pages

Effortlessly personalize the look and feel of your episode and episode feed pages to suit the style of your website. You can change the layout, select new fonts and colors and choose what information is displayed on each episode. 

Share Your Other Podcast Services

Give your listeners the opportunity to discover your other services, listen, subscribe and download new podcasts.
Get started:
Click here for more details on how to set up your podcast.

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